Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

BHSQ recognises that learners/applicants may have gained knowledge, understanding and skills from prior learning or experience that is relevant to their intended qualification. The RPL process enables BHSQ Approved Centres to recognise prior learning and achievement in a number of ways:

  • For admission into a programme/qualification (often where a prospective candidate does not meet the standard entry requirements for a programme)
  • For admission into a programme/qualification at an intermediate level of the programme (admission with credit)
  • For awarding specific credit towards unit(s) at any level within the programme/qualification, as they can demonstrate they have already achieved the associated learning outcomes
  • A combination of the above.

Prior learning can be evidenced in a variety of ways – BHSQ recognises prior learning as Recognised Prior Certificated Learning (RPCL) or Recognised Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL).

Examples of approved pathways for entry include:

  • Pony Club tests
  • Work Based Diplomas
  • Scottish Vocational Qualifications.

To find out more about RPL for the qualification you are interested in, please contact the training provider who delivers your training and/or assessment.