BHSQ Level 2 (Stage 2) qualifications – suite of 3 awards

BHS Qualifications (BHSQ) provide qualifications to support different career pathways allowing learners to choose the one best suited to their aspirations. BHSQ Level 2 (Stage 2) qualifications give learners specialist knowledge and technical skills, for employment in the equine industry and provide progression to the BHSQ Level 3 (Stage 3) suite of qualifications.

The qualifications within the suite are:

Please click here to download the qualification specification for the BHSQ Level 2 (Stage 2) suite of qualifications.

Development of qualifications

The British Horse Society (BHS) is approved as a centre to deliver qualifications regulated by BHSQ. BHSQ and the BHS have developed these qualifications in line with feedback received from extensive industry consultation.

Learners taking BHSQ Level 2 (Stage 2) qualifications will either be seeking employment in the industry or will already be employed and are seeking career advancement. It is essential that these qualifications meet the needs of employers and learners. To satisfy these requirements, the qualifications have been developed in collaboration with employers, colleges, coaches, students, and expert groups.

Training for BHSQ qualifications

Training can be provided from a variety of sources however we strongly recommend learners undertake practical training with BHS Accredited Professionals and/or at BHS Approved Training Centres.

Find your nearest BHS Accredited Professional

Find your nearest BHS Approved Training Centre

Learners should expect to gain practical experience in a work environment to develop their skills and knowledge in preparation for level 2 assessments. They will need to have access to a variety of horses to develop their horse care, lungeing and riding skills and develop their coaching with a range of clients. Learners should seek training opportunities; in their own place of work, college or training centre, at other training centres and through organised continual professional development (CPD) training in order to access a variety of different horses and training methods.

Recommended reading lists can be found on the BHS website on the pages dedicated to each unit. In addition, the BHS has produced a book to support learners preparing for BHSQ Level 2 (Stage 2) qualifications, ‘Complete Horsemanship Volume 2’, this text is not compulsory.


For more information about these qualifications please visit the BHS website.