BHSQ Level 3 Coach – Jump Ride (Stage 3)

Qualification Level: 3

Total Qualification Time:

473 hours (of which 215 are Guided Learning Hours)

Qualification purpose

A person holding the BHSQ Level 3 Coach – Jump Ride (Stage 3) qualification will hold the technical skills and knowledge to coach dressage up to Novice level and jumping (show jumping and cross country) up to 80cm. They will be able to coach private, semi-private, group and lunge lessons.

Coaches will be able to show genuine improvement of horse and rider while demonstrating a sound knowledge of coaching methods and principles. They will be able to care for a range of horses, provide exercise and maintain their level of training over fences.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is for learners who wish to build a career in coaching. It is likely that learners will already be employed in the industry and are seeking career advancement. Learners may progress to this qualification after completing the BHSQ Level 2 Foundation Coach in Complete Horsemanship (Stage 2) or BHSQ/BHS equivalent. Please refer to entry requirements at unit level.

This qualification is also available to learners at the appropriate level who have industry experience and/or hold non-BHS equine qualifications. To enter they will apply via the BHS RPCL or RPEL direct entry process.

Professional expectations

BHSQ work closely with the sector and employers in particular. Once a learner has achieved this qualification, they are likely to be working in the sector. It is essential all those working in the sector have a sufficient understanding of their legal responsibilities to protect both the horse and their clients and colleagues. This includes safeguarding, health and safety, first aid, equality and diversity and data protection.

It is always the responsibility of the employer or self-employed person to ensure practices are safe, effective and legal. BHSQ encourages all those working in the sector to have current BHS First Aid or First Aid at Work and BHS Safeguarding and Protecting Children.

Age range

This qualification is available to learners who are 18 years and above

What could this qualification lead to?

BHSQ Level 3 (Stage 3) Coach qualifications have been developed in consultation with employers and professional bodies to ensure that the content is appropriate for those working in the sector.

Learners completing these qualifications could access roles in areas such as:

  • Coach
  • Freelance Coach
  • Groom
  • Freelance Groom

This qualification offers progression to:

  • BHSQ Level 4 Senior Show Jumping Coach (Stage 4)
  • BHSQ Level 4 Senior Eventing Coach (Stage 4)


To download the qualification specification click here.

For more information about this qualification please visit the BHS website.