BHSQ Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding

Qualification Level: 3

Total Qualification Time:

303 hours (of which 183 are Guided Learning Hours)

Qualification purpose

By successfully completing this qualification learners will be able to coach riders of varying abilities on the flat and over fences. The coach will be able to plan, deliver and evaluate the coaching session. Working unsupervised, the coach will ensure a positive and safe environment in which learning can take place. By completing this qualification learners could coach horse riding in a range of contexts.

This qualification is broken down into a smaller qualification, please see the specification for further details:

  • BHSQ Level 2 Award in the Principles of Coaching Sport (TQT – 103, GLH – 63).

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is for learners who wish to build a career in coaching. It is likely that learners will already be employed in the industry and are seeking career advancement. Learners may progress to this qualification after completing the BHS Stage 2 Care and Ride awards or BHSQ/BHS equivalent. Please refer to entry requirements at unit level.

This qualification is also available to learners at the appropriate level who have industry experience and/or hold non-BHS equine qualifications. To enter they will apply via the BHS RPCL or RPEL direct entry process.

Age range

This qualification is available to learners who are 18 years and above.

What could this qualification lead to?

Learners completing this qualification could access roles in areas such as:

  • Coach working in a Riding Centre/School
  • Freelance coach

This qualification offers progression to level 4 awards, please contact The BHS for further information.


To download the qualification specification click here.

For more information about this qualification please visit the BHS website.